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My Writing

This page is a collection of what I consider the best examples of my writing. Some of them are uplifting and some of them can be depressing. A few are entirely fictional but most of them are based, in some way or another, on my personal experience.

Short Stories
The Watch: A dying man learns to see the light, in this short story exploring humanity's innate connection with time. Won first place at the FHS Fall 1998 short story competition.
Six Cents: In this short story, the narrator learns - the hard way - how our modern lives have affected the holiday season. Won third place at the FHS Spring 1999 short story competition.

The Night Road: A poem about the path that we all follow through life.
Epiphany: Based on a meditation on the Star Tarot card.
Immortal: The winding path of a river, a friend, a lifetime.
Reflections on Shadow: Seeing the light within the darkness.
The Love I Never Met: A tale of regret and missed opportunity.
Immortal: The winding path of a river, a friend, a lifetime.
Proof: My first real venture into spiritual/religious poetry.
Fire: The result of my studies into the nature elemental of Fire.
Just One Day: All the power in the world cannot heal a broken heart.
A Friend Always: Written for a special friend during confusing times.
Cry: A small mistake is sometimes all it takes to kill a friendship.
Nine Days: The journey from strangers to friends can be short indeed.

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