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Reflections on Shadow

The old, undisputed symbols of night,
Darkened when joyous, proud when in pain,
Become more intense with morning's first light,
Unburned by fire and dry admist rain.

Omens of terror take hold, and you run,
But you cannot escape - do you ask why?
Darkness is needed to balance the sun.
We often forget that they can never lie.

They follow us always, to show who we are,
Memories of age and hopes of our youth.
Consistent like water and colored like tar,
Shrouds of ignorance, cloaks of the truth.

Mysterious creatures, the shadows of man;
Reflections of him that all others can see.
They knows secrets that nothing else can,
And they bring to light the soul's mystery.

Copyright 2000 James Rioux.