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The Night Road

I travel through the darkness of night,
On a personal journey to find better sight.
I know where I've been, and I can't go back.
I look to the side, and see nothing but black,
Nought but an unwavering trail of dark light.

I turn my tired eyes toward the inky sky,
The lone star vanishes as a cloud rolls by.
Wonders of the heavens all lay obscured.
In the darkness of night, mystery is assured
By an opaque energy that can never die.

The pain of the unknown stabs like a knife,
But gems can await in the chaos and strife.
New places and people, a forgotten friend
Seen for the first time, discovered again.
Rocks stumbled over on the dark path of life.

I want to press on and uncover the day,
But I'll let enlightenment come as it may.
No fear of the future, no regrets of what's gone;
One can't see the sun when the shutters are drawn.
Only the blinded can truly see the way.

I lay down my head and I close my eyes.
I'm a little less eager but a little more wise.
The unbroken darkness envelops me still,
As it has, as it must, as it always will,
Until the time when the sun can rise.

Copyright 1999 James Rioux.