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The Love I Never Met

I can't recall her height, her hair, the color of her eyes.
All I know is her first name, and that will never die.
I never got to see her laugh, or even hear her voice.
I was afraid of what she'd say, so I was mute by choice.
I knew we'd meet again in time; I'd get to know her then.
I should have acted when I could - the chance never came again.
When I was told I'd never see that girl I thought I'd meet,
I knew what disappointment was, and I knew I'd met defeat.
Could I really have loved that girl, or was it just a dream?
I tear myself apart with thoughts of all that might have been.
Someday, I know, she'll leave my mind, but how can I forget
The girl I knew was meant for me, the love I never met?

Copyright 1999 James Rioux.