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I stand in the light of a summer's day,
My heavy head bent down with grief.
I hear the wind sweep `round, and play
With every flower and twig and leaf
Under Heaven and its watchful eye.

Eight calm lights fill the air above.
The seven white children form a ring,
And send their deep, unwavering love
To the yellow one, that would be King
Of the blue and blazing cloudless sky.

The stars appear before the night!
How brightly to they glow and shine!
In a quiet pond I see their light
Reflected, showing a force divine;
A miracle that makes me cry.

The pain within flows through my tears
Making ripples in the water serene.
Immaculate light dispels my fears
And all of the suffering I have seen.
My soul is free, prepared to fly.

I've found the truth that eluded me,
And the radiant hope that lets us dream.
My mind is cleared, I finally see,
And I reach up to the stars that gleam.
I can never touch them, but I will try.

Copyright 1999 James Rioux.