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Rioux's Realm

Welcome to the new and improved Realm! After stagnating for several months I felt it was time for a new look, a new site and plenty of new material - so take time to explore, and I guarantee you'll find something to expand your mind.

Tarot Section
Updated - I've just added a pair of new articles and will be following that up with a couple of new spreads before the end of the week. Keep your eyes peeled!

Writing Section
Updated - I've recently added a couple of new poems I wrote earlier this summer, and may be adding another soon.

CJ Pictures
I recently attended the 10th National Scouts Canada Jamboree in Prince Edward Island, and in this section of the site you can find the pictures my father and I took during the week.

Comments Welcome!
Your comments that let me improve the Realm and suit everyone's desires. Mail any suggestions, constructive criticisms or comments to