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Nine Days

One day I woke in a strange place
Which was my home for many days
There was no one that I could trust
And on that day you were still just
Another unfamiliar face

One day I saw you sitting there
The cool wind blowing through your hair
Amidst the dull activity
It was a welcome change to see
A face so bright, so calm and fair

One day went by without event
I slept alone inside my tent
But somehow in my heart I knew
That, in my time of need, you
Like an angel had been sent

One day I finally spoke to you
I never questioned what to do
I was myself, and spoke my mind
We shared a bad meal and good times
I felt alive, refreshed, brand new

One day I walked by your side
And could hold my head up with pride
My greatest battle fought and won
Finally I had found someone
With whom I could share and confide

One day I carried a heavy heart
For time would soon tear us apart
Our days in the light were short
And though I knew that it would hurt
I finished what I'd tried to start

One day I came through your door
Into your home, upon your floor
I taught you, and you taught me
Through your eyes I learned to see
Things I had never dreamed before

One day we gathered with some friends
Went to the beach, sat in the sand
I felt things I couldn't tell
And when the chilly darkness fell
I wished the day would never end

One day I had to say goodbye
I held you tight, tried not to cry
Someday our paths will cross again
I don't know where, I don't know when
Till then, I'll dream of you and I

Copyright 2001 James Rioux.