The Tarot

The Tarot is a centuries-old tool for gaining insight into your life and getting in touch with your true self. On these pages you can learn about the many uses of the Tarot - dipping into the future, exploring a past event to its fullest, learning about others, and discovering secrets hidden deep within you. Through the Tarot you can learn what lies ahead of you and what lies within you - whichever of these is more important is up to you to decide.

Tarot Articles
I am an experienced Tarot reader, having performed over thirteen hundred readings over the past three years. I am a Certified Tarot Master and the youngest person in the world to hold that rank. I've learned many things on my quest through the Tarot; things beginners should know before starting a Tarot practice, and things experienced readers should know before daring to call themselves masters. I have recorded this information in some of my articles.
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Tarot Card Meanings
Also on this site, I have posted my personal interpretations of every card in the standard Tarot deck, derived through my actual experience in working with the cards - not from a textbook. For more experienced readers, this section will sometimes prove insightful, sometimes contradictory to what you already believe. I encourage you to read it anyway, but don't let my views sway you from your established beliefs.

Tarot Spreads
This section is a list of some of the spreads I use, mainly of my own design, though featuring some that were created by my peers in the Tarot community. For more experienced readers who want to try reading without spreads, I also describe my Stream-of-Consciousness reading techniques.

Deck and Book Reviews
As part of my Certified Tarot Master certification I wrote a number of book and deck reviews, to let other Tarot readers know what I feel about certain decks and works of literature.

Code of Ethics
It is critical for every professional Tarot reader to have a code of ethics to guide their conduct and prevent them from doing harm to others, or to themselves. On this page you will find the code I personally adhere to.

Tarot Links
Finally, a collection of links to what I consider the best Tarot related pages on the Internet today.

If you have a question about Tarot that the material on this website did not answer, I'd be happy to share some of my wisdom and experience with you. If you're having trouble interpreting a spread, maybe I can help. E-mail me at

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