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Tarot Articles

From this page you can view some of the various articles I have written about the Tarot. Though the format of my book-in-progress has changed since my last website update, I'm keeping the material I had written for it on this page since it has received an excellent response from my readers.

NEW! Articles added 8/6/2001
Answering Career Questions
Critical Points in a Tarot Reading

I spent the first few months of the year 2000 trying to develop a way of relating the Tarot, the Runes, the I Ching and the Qabalah. In early March I stumbled upon a surprisingly accurate and insightful way of corresponding these four apparently unrelated systems. The results of this research are explained in this series of articles.
Part 1: The Problem of Correspondence
Interlude: Introduction to I Ching and Qabalah
Part 2: The Runes on the Tree of Life
Part 3: Revising the Tarot Correspondence
Part 4: The I Ching Connection
Part 5: The Final Answer

These articles are first drafts of articles I had written for my book, before I changed the format. The material in these articles is still useful, of course, so I left them here.

Tarot Principles

Principle 0 (Non-Existence of Universal Rules)
Principle 1 (Neutrality of the Cards)
Principle 2 (Importance of the Intuition)
Principle 4 (Importance of the Ritual)
Principle 6 (Tarot is not for Everyone)
Principle 19 (Evolution of the Tarot)
Principle 21 (Necessity of Practical Work)
Tarot Discoveries

Discovering Suit Cards
Discovering Court Cards
Discovering Major Arcana
Discovering Elements
Tarot Techniques

Seeing Both Sides of the Card
Advice and Emotions from the Minor Arcana
"The Missing Card" and "Blurring the Lines"
Extracting Timing Information formerly A Matter of Timing
The Flow of Time in a Reading
Linking Courts to Major Arcana
Card Combinatorics

The following articles are general articles on Tarot practice that can be useful for both beginners and experienced students alike.
An Example of Elemental Dignity
Developing Personal Interpretations
Symbological Interpretation
Reading Reversals
Verifying your Interpretations

On April 19, 2001 I gave a lecture at a local coffee shop, which I hope will set the stage for future lectures of the sort. Here you can access the complete text of my lecture, entitled The Tarot: Myths, Methods and More in Microsoft Word 2000 format. (Other formats will be available in the future.)

Note: These articles are my personal property and are not to be duplicated in any publication or document, on-line or otherwise, without my written permission. If you would like to link to one or more of these articles from your website, please e-mail

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