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My Personal Code of Ethics and Conduct

Note: I have used masculine pronouns throughout for ease of reading. The feminine should be understood where it is not explicity written.

  1. I will make it clear to my client that everything I tell him is advice. He does not need to act upon my advice if he does not want to, and I will not force my client to follow what I think is the best path. Because what I tell the client is only advice, I am not responsible for any actions he takes as a result of the reading.

  2. I believe that the future can be predicted, within limits, and if a client asks for a prediction, I will give one to the best of my ability. I also believe, however, that the future can be changed, and I will make this clear to my client before giving any predictions.

  3. I will answer all questions asked of me with total honesty. I will not, under any circumstances, distort the meaning of a reading to lessen its emotional impact on my client, or to make a particular outcome seem more likely than it really is. I will empower my client by showing him areas for change and growth - not by altering the meaning of the reading.

  4. I will not answer questions of a strictly medical, financial, or legal nature. I will refer any clients who ask such questions to a trained and licensed professional in the appropriate field.
    Examples of questions covered by this section include "What is the cure for my illness?", "What stock should I buy?" and "Should I sue my boss?". I will read for questions like "How can I cope with my illness?" or "How can I improve my financial state?" or "How can I solve conflicts at work?" because these address the client's approach to the problem.

  5. I will not perform a reading for a person without their permission (or, when the client is a minor, the permission of a parent or guardian). By asking his question, the client grants permission to read for him, and the state of his relationships with others. I will not do readings that focus on other people, however, unless I have somehow received their permission to read for them.

  6. I will never discuss anything pertaining to a reading with anyone other than my client. Personal information disclosed during the reading will be held in the strictest confidence.

  7. I will not let my personal opinions and values interfere with a reading, and I will not decide prior to the reading what I think the situation is, or what the best outcome should be. I will never dismiss my client's problem, even if it seems unimportant to me, because if my client did not think his problem to be important, he would not have asked for a reading.

  8. I will treat all clients equally, with respect and compassion which they deserve as fellow human beings. I will not judge them based on their social status, their choice of lifestyle, the problems they are currently experiencing, or the ways in which they have tried to solve them.

  9. I will not argue with my client if he interprets a reading differently than I do. I will explain to him that everyone sees the cards differently but, since I am giving the reading, my interpretation is the one that applies at the time.

  10. I will not allow my client to become dependent on me for advice. I will make it clear to my client that his life is his to life, and that I will not make his decisions for him.

  11. Whenever I feel that I cannot answer my client's question, either because the question violates my code of ethics or lies outside the scope of my experience, I will honestly tell him why I am not able to read for him and terminate the reading. I will not make up answers or tell him what he wants to hear.

  12. I reserve the right to terminate a reading at any point if I feel that my client is being disrespectful, in any way, to me or my profession.

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