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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords When the diplomacy of the Page of Swords fails to achieve results, the Knight will try it his way, the violent way. Violence in this sense does not refer to physical brutality but to a suddenness and apparent hostility that will threaten most people. And if they do not feel threatened they will almost certainly feel a little wary around the Knight of Swords. He is the essence of the element of Air, almost completely removed from the realm of emotion, and all that is associated with him must be perceived accordingly. He can manifest in the typical three ways: as an event, as a person in your life, or as a part of yourself.

It is rare that the Knight of Swords symbolizes an event, and when he does the event is one of two general possibilities. The first is the sudden going or coming of a matter, a quick departure or an unexpected arrival. Given the association of the Swords to politics, this could manifest as the resignation of a political leader or the start of a new campaign, for example. This is, as described, also a very violent card and the Knight of Swords can thus represent the start or the end of hostility and conflict, usually the former. This may not be a physical conflict, but a debate or an argument. Only in rare cases will it mean the start of war, but that possibility exists.

A person represented by this card will act with almost total emotionlessness. It's not that they have no emotions, just that they suppress them and don't really see the value in having them. The heart is the center of compassion, but it is also the center of fear, and with his heart firmly under his heel, the Knight of Swords is almost totally fearless and never anticipates defeat. He thinks of himself as invincible, and though this is a fault it can also give him bursts of confidence that let him succeed where others fail. Since he never doubts himself or his ability, he is the perfect person to implement new ideas that others shy away from.

Dangerous as it may seem to assume the personality of the Knight of Swords, sometimes it is necessary and even preferable to do so. Whenever you feel afraid or indecisive, call on the Knight of Swords to give you a shot of confidence and clarity. His impartiality is very desirable when making hard choices, though you have to be careful not to act too hastily, or else the effort is wasted. His refusal to back down from fear makes him a pillar of strength. All of his negative qualities - and there are quite a few - must be carefully monitored; otherwise they will start to rage out of control, and that's definitely not what you want.

Copyright 2000 James Rioux