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King of Cups

King of Cups The King of Cups is a strangely ambivalent figure. Such a powerful male form seems almost out of place amidst the element of Water, just as the Queen of Wands is somewhat uncomfortable in the realm of Fire. This is why the King of Cups is often seen as a card of contradictions. He represents someone who is calm on the surface, yet passionate and volatile underneath. He shows a situation that is not entirely what is appears to be at first glance. Under his facetious exterior the King of Cups hides ulterior motives. He can be found in our lives as another person or as a facet of our own personality.

Usually a man of art or religion, the King of Cups appears as a wise advisor and a noble healer. He listens to the suggestions of others, even when they are in conflict with his own carefully formed opinions. He never judges, never blames others for their faults, and is always a sympathetic supporter. In return, others always gather around to hear what he has to say because his wisdom speaks directly to the heart. He is a natural diplomat, a romantic to the core and a stimulating partner, whether in conversation, friendship or a sexual relationship. He rarely lacks confidence, and in those rare cases when he does, nobody realizes it.

In fact, the King of Cups is almost always hiding something. He enjoys the quiet power he holds over others, and his personal agenda is as well-crafted as his speeches. He is a seducer who thrives on the company of women, and he is often selfish and unfaithful. Though he does have an air of innocence to him, his character is often not deep enough to reach it. All of this comes about as a direct result of the battle between his fiery soul and his watery heart. The two opposing influences pull him in totally different directions, and often he does not know which to follow. As you might expect of such a combination, he is insecure and indecisive, often letting others act for him.

The appearance of the King is often a sign that you should employ peace and tolerance to solve your problems. Use diplomacy rather than force, and accept different points of view. Do not blame others for their failures, but help them to see how they can succeed again. When the King of Cups represents a part of yourself, you must make sure the King of Cups is not manifesting his energy in a negative form. The moderation theme of the Cups suit is critical. If you strive too far into the fiery side of the King you will be burned by his inner flames, but if you slip into the deep water of his emotions you could be overwhelmed and drowned. Stay in the middle and you'll be safe.

Copyright 2000 James Rioux