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Ordering Tarot Readings

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Step One

Before going through all the trouble of filling out the form below, you should see if I can even do a reading for you. Read through my Code of Ethics, referring to sections 4 and 5 to see if your question is one that I am able to answer. If answering your question would make me violate my Code of Ethics then I cannot and will not do a reading for you. Reading my Code of Ethics also makes sure you understand the rules by which I choose to operate.

Unless there are major changes or extenuating circumstances, I will not do more than one reading for the same client and the same subject in a thirty day period. If you have already asked a similar question in the past month, I will not take your request. I have had bad experiences with clients who would request readings until they heard what they wanted to hear, and I will not tolerate this.

Step Two

If your question is one that I can answer, we may proceed. Please fill out the following data. Remember that whatever you enter here will be kept only in my records and will not be given to anyone. Make sure you enter your e-mail address correctly because this is the address I will be sending the completed reading to.

Your name:
Your email:
Gender: Male     Female    

Date of birth (DD/MM/YY):
Where you live:
Please enter your country and/or city of residence - not your mailing address.

In the box below, enter your question and any information relevant to the question. The more I have to work with, the more useful information I'll be able to tell you.

If someone referred you to this site, please enter
Their name:
Their email:
This information relates to my referral policy.

Step Three

Now you can choose the type of reading you want. I will honor your choice wherever possible, but if I feel that a different type of reading would be more appropriate to your question, I will let you know as soon as possible. If you have no preference or cannot decide, you can leave the choice to me. I will choose the spread that is most appropriate to your question.

One-card reading: Just like it sounds, I draw a single card to answer your question. These readings can actually be quite insightful and I recommend them for simple yes/no questions.
Three-card reading: Useful for yes/no questions, a three-card reading can also be used when making decisions (to compare two options and a best outcome) or for past-present-future questions.
Spread of Changes: A five-card spread which is best for questions involving situations that are changing, or in which change is wanted. Can also be used to find out what you need to do to bring about a certain outcome you desire.
Elemental Pentacle: A five-card spread in the shape of a pentagram which is useful for general questions or questions where you don't know the big picture. Often reveals unconsidered options or useful information to help you make progress.
Event Spread: This spread is used to gain insight into an event happening in your life, to explore the causes of a past event, or to find out when and where a certain event will happen in the future. Uses six cards in the shape of a hexagram.
Heart Spread: An eight-card spread designed to explore relationships; either the makeup of an existing relationship or the possibility of starting a relationship with a certain person. Not limited to romantic relationships; could be used for friendship and business partnerships too.
Lemniscate: Used to help decision-making, this eight-card spread can examine the emotional, physical and mental aspects of two different options to reveal which is best for you at this time.
Mountain Stream (small): Uses six cards to offer two possible futures for a project or a relationship, as well as the best ways to bring about those two futures. Best for questions where two different outcomes are equally likely and only one is desired.
Mountain Stream (large): Similar to previous but uses ten cards and can examine three potential futures and their root causes.
Celtic Cross: Gives information on a lot of different areas, and is therefore useful when little information is known about the situation. Uses ten cards.
Tree of Life: This spread uses ten cards laid out in the shape of the Qabalistic Tree of Life to give you information about your destiny and the makeup of your personality. Not terribly useful for divinatory questions.
Check off this option if you want me to select the spread.
While selecting a spread you may also want to take into account the price list immediately below.

Step Four

Beginning this year I am charging for my readings; this applies both to previous clients and new clients. I think you'll find that my prices are quite reasonable:
# of cardsPrice ($US)
Single card$5.00
3 or 4 cards$10.00
5 to 7 cards$20.00
8 or 9 cards$30.00
10+ cards$40.00

I also offer discounts for repeat clients and referrals. Clients who request another reading (after the thirty-day waiting period) will receive a $5 discount on subsequent readings. Clients who refer two other people to this site will get a 20% discount off the above prices (and on top of the "repeat client" discount, if applicable) once those two people have paid for their readings.

I prefer receiving payments through's PayPal service, which allows you to send money instantly across the Internet with your credit card. If you mark off this option below, you will get a bill from PayPal after you receive the results of your reading, which you can pay by going to their website. Instructions are provided along with the invoice.

(That's right, you don't have to pay for the reading until after you get the results. This way, if you feel that the reading was not satisfactory in some way, you can let me know and I will cancel the invoice. However, if you do find the reading helpful you are obligated to pay for it. Those who do not pay for an acceptable reading will have to deal with whatever consequences arise.)

If you do not have a credit card or if you live in a country where PayPal does not operate, we will work out alternate arrangements for payment after the reading results are delivered.

Please indicate how you will pay for this reading:
I will use PayPal
I will make other arrangements

Step Five

That's it! All you have to do is submit the form and your request will be sent to me. I usually do the reading within two days of receiving the question and if I will be longer than that, I will let you know. After you receive the results of the reading I will send you the bill for my services. I thank you in advance for you patronage.

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