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CJ01 Pictures
taken by James and Gary Rioux


On the road to the opening ceremonies
People filing in for the opening
Waiting for the opening to start
The Wolf mascot
The Fox mascot
The Cow mascot
Banchee takes the stage
Four of the countries present at CJ
That's an interesting flag...
One of the bigwigs talks to the crowd
Annick Gagnon starts her concert
Annick and an enthusiastic dancer (background)


The Lineup at the Spud 'n' Claw
Inside the Spud 'n' Claw
Action Street, looking fairly inactive The hospital tent, with skeletal decor
Long lineup at the Trading Post
Calm before the storm at the Trading Post
A busy first night at the Trading Post
Trading Post staff, group picture
Flags from the countries present at CJ
The X-Center finally opens up on Monday
Karaoke - these guys made BSB sound good...
People pile about the parking lot shuttle
Panning for gold by the Trading Post
This snapping turtle doesn't look too happy
A big cuddly dog at the animal show
Another turtle, though not as angry
Looking for directions? Go here


Polar Bear Subcamp HQ
Polar Bear Subcamp, July 5th
Elsewhere in Polar Bear, July 5th
Caribou's entrance under construction
Caribou's gateway - before paint
Caribou's gateway after four days
A fairly empty section of Fox subcamp
Something hanging on the Caribou flagpole
The subcamps begin to fill up
Giant lobster trap by Lynx subcamp
Otter's gateway under construction
The completed Otter Subcamp gateway
Elk Subcamp's ever-expanding gateway
A small fraction of the CJ campsites
Moose Subcamp gate (Zip Line in background)
Beaver Subcamp's entrance
Entrance to Fox subcamp
Entrance to Buffalo subcamp
White army tents galore in Polar Bear subcamp

Events - Water Program

Sitting on the dock of the bay
A pair of boats leaving the harbor
Reeling in the (proverbial) anchor
A group putting their canoe into the water
A fleet of two-man kayaks enters the bay
Kayakers on the water
All in the water at the canoeing event
It's a long way down on the water zipline
Those boys make a big splash, don't they?
Another one bites the dust, so to speak
The bicycle for retrieving the water zipline
The aftermath of the water zipline
Fun at the beach on Wednesday afternoon
A pair of boys up to their necks in sand
A group learns how to dive with snorkles
Engineering masterpiece, or pile of mud
A busy day at Muscle Beach

Events - Land Program

Spiderman, Zip Line from the waterline
The Spiderman climbing wall
Would-be spidermen tackle the wall
This guy doesn't have arachnophobia
Long way down - rapelling down the wall
Monkeying around inside the 'cave'
Walking on air at the high wire
Don't look down and you'll be fine!
Hold on tight, it's a long way down!
Hanging by a leg from the parallel wires
A dark and ominous zipline tower
The land zip line - looks like fun!
A group of youth playing Human Checkers
Good wholesome fun - water balloon catapults
Part of the Brownsea Island event
Learning pioneering skills on Brownsea Island
Brownsea staff teach how to estimate height
Welcome to Cape Spud - the rocketry event
The top-secret missile construction tent
Some of the rockets that were fired off
One of the more popular events - Mud Mazing!
Up to your eyes in mud - literally
Mud volleyball - fun for everyone
Mud Tennis, with a very high net
They can't believe how muddy they are!
Cleaning off after Mud Mazing
Muddy people as far as the eye can see
Hot action at the firefighter's challenge
Where there's smoke, there's the smoke tent
Hanging around at the tire swings
A wipeout on the BMX obstacle course
A BMXer scaling a makeshift sand dune
Throwing heavy objects at Celtic Games
More heavy objects - caber tossing
Walking on stilts at the Celtic Games
The wheelchair obstacle course
Looks like a rough ride for this guy
Would-be lumberjacks show their muscle
An ax hurtles towards its target
Trying to get a tire off the pole
A group of boys challenges the wall
A precarious position on the balance beam
Swinging off the Caveman Ladder

Events - Keepers Of The Gate

Netting goes up at the archery range
More netting being raised
This would eventually be the rifle range
The firing platform takes shape
Erecting targets on the cannon range
The castle starts to take shape
Hanging around at the rifle range
Ships arriving in the "harbor"
The finished row of ship targets
An inviting target on the cannon range
Constuction proceeds on Friday morning
Viva la revolution! - Rifles unveiled
'Spud' and Doug check the cannons
Riflemen (and women) preparing to fire
Yes, the deer were intact at one time...
Ramrodding a potato cannon
The start of the deer's downfall
Arranging and testing the rifles
A YLT being crushed by bags of potatoes
The only serious sign in sight
Keep Away - Tresspassers Will Be Shot
Beware of Flying Potatoes
Arrows Are Primitive...
The completed castle, plus kilted guards
The first of many arrows to hit the deer
Archers stand ready...
Archers fire at will!
Will and Wilson after a few salvos
The first group arrives at the gate
A wave of archers attacks the castle
A long waiting list at the archery range
Riflemen take aim at their targets
The Sweat Shop - loading rifle bullets
Santa's helpers show up to shoot deer
Will and Wilson have seen better days
Caterpilars infest the archery range
Cannon safety training with 'Spud'
This guy should have been wearing gloves...
A potato cannon, armed and ready to fire
Defending the harbor from invaders
Everyone back behind the yellow line!
'Spud' inspects one of his cannons
Barney makes an appearance - as a target
Masters of the Spud Gun range
Keepers of the Gate - group shot

Innovative Sites/Signs

A treehouse rises over Caribou subcamp
14th/15th Pride Venturers sign...
...and the explanation of that sign
A teepee in Lynx subcamp
Another huge teepee in Quebec subcamp
The Taj-My-Hall in the Quebec subcamp
A heavily fortified site across from the TMH
Sock Exchange in Fox subcamp
The Moose subcamp's catapult
One of the larger campsite gateways
An impressive tree log fortress
Hot girls welcome at this treehouse
Kit Korner features another log tower
The Golden Gate (complete with bridge)
First Pembroke has meals on wheels
Looks like a big rotating swingset
Campsite with a revolving door

General Scenic shots

Crossing the Confederation Bridge
Sunset on Wednesday the 4th
A full moon over Darnley Bay
A deserted Darnley Bay beach
Lighthouse by the beach
An old house overlooking the beach
Monument just outside of Polar Bear
Cabot Beach Provincial Park sign
Home of the CJ01 webcam
Local wildlife outside Polar Bear
High cliffs on the western beach
The main gateway into CJ01
Choppy seas on Saturday morning
The lifeguard watches a returning tour boat
Three sailboats in the distance
The beach on Thursday evening


We're in for a long wait...
Wish we had one of these in the lunch line
The food couldn't be that bad, right?
Patrick playing with his chicken
Patrick's present for the caterers
Some guy in a pink bunny suit
Culinary artwork with beans and Jello
'I am Sinbad the Sailor'
A big duck outside Heritage Way
A warning sign inside the Trading Post
Front view of the inflatable CFL football player
The 'Big Ass' - CFL dude from behind
Birthday party at the Spud 'n' Claw
The Flag Guy!
Makeshift catapult about to fire
Warning - Piss-Pumps on Duty
Trading Post staff barbeque on Thursday
The lieutenant governor drops by
Hanging around on Thursday morning


Heading out for the closing
The last gathering of the CJ participants
It's time to say farewell...

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